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What is 2D Floor Plans

We normally call it layout plan or floor plan in architectural term. It is produced for you to easily visualize how the designed spaces are shaped and planned with informative dimensions, indicative materials and finishes along with other essential information to clearly conveys it to you or your clients involved.

However, when it can be loaded with a lot of information which the professionals can easily interpret, it might not be the same for layman to look at unclutter layout plans without being confused. So, we are here to assist you to “cleanse” your plans making it understandable and presentable to you or your clients.

Use Our Service For

Beautify & Simplify

Simplify your plan so that it is easier to read and understand

Space Planning

We will illustrate space planning through positioning of the furniture in the layout plan

Zoning & Colouring

If you need it to be more presentable we can help you colour and zone it

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