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  • Preferably every related floor plan and elevation in Autocad (.dwg)
  • JPEG, PDF or even hand sketches that clearly illustrate your ideas.
  • 3D files in Sketchup (.skp) formats. If so, we might be able to provide a cheaper service fee as it has reduced our modelling time.
  • Do state if you other types of media that you want to send to us.
  • Specify the preferred type of finishes, and material to use for you wall,floor,etc….Best if able to provide along photos for reference.
  • Indicate the view of render that you need, mark it on the plan if you already have the desired view for the illustrations or we will use our expertise to suggest it for you.
  • State the purpose for the visual illustrations, so we can advise the right file size or resolution of your render.
  • Do include site photo of the specified spaces if you are able to as it will be very helpful for us to visualize how the space look like.

It depends on the number of render and scope of work that you required from us. Commonly, visual will be done within a week time if the accurate and adequate media and information are given to us. However, for more accurate timeline, please send us the plan and detail first, then we will advise you accordingly. There will be minor charges for rush jobs.

Yes, this is a compulsary requirement that have been set in our company policy. Also for project that is less than RM1,000.00, you will be required to pay full amount. For accumulated fee above RM 1,000.00, a 50% deposit is required before commencement of work. The deposit work as a retention for the related project.

Our common size for higher quality render will be A3 size or 1920x1080p and 1280x720p for low quality export. Thus, do specify if you need different size when requesting for your free quote.

This is high quality render

This is low quality render

By default, we only allow 3 major amendments per project and additional charges shall be incurred if additional amendment is requested. Thus, to avoid the additional charges, it is advisable for you to go through the draft sent to you properly and thoroughly before asking us to make amendments, do mark it on the draft with doodles and comments if that make you more comfortable with so that mutual understanding is well achieved. 

You can just write in the remark area and state that you need both services.


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