5 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Design Service

1. Preparation of Adequate and Right Informations

You should prepare correct and adequate information and documents in forms of floor plan or architectural drawing / related engineer drawing (if relevant) / sketches or drawings / photo & video / any essential media that will assist the designer in understanding your request and requirement for the project and to ensure the utmost efficiency in delivering product that is on the right track.

2. Know What You Want First and Do Some Research

This is a very important step as it is difficult to know what you like and don’t like. Guessing these will take forever as there are a lot of design styles in the field so it is hard to try everything out without a direction would be like swimming in the vast sea.

So, it is crucial for you to understand what you like first and take some times to do research if you are not sure about it. With that, we could shorten the design process and achieve mutual target in lesser time and more efficient in delivering something you would like

For example, do research or survey on what type of colour / materials / finishes or design styles that excite you which you want it to be the value of your new home.

3. Understand The Concept of Quality Triangle

Always remember there is no cheap and great things. Excellent product comes with high prices. The equations are simple:

Good Quality = Higher Cost + Longer Time

Lower Cost = Lower Quality + Lower Cost

4. Know Your Time Frame

Plan well on when you need the work to be done and do not practice last minute order as the work will be done according to first come first served basis. Any order for rush work will be charged with an overtime fee and with that we can push your project up to high priority job.

5. Decide on The Final Render Resolution Size

You need to tell us the purpose of the 3D render so we can advise you on the best size to be final rendered with if you have no idea at all on what size you actually need your render to be.

Our common size for higher quality render will be A3 size or 1920x1080p and 1280x720p for low quality export. Thus, do specify if you need different size when requesting for your free quote.

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